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wood pellets

High quality, responsibly sourced EN Plus A1 virgin softwood pellets for power plants, distribution, farms, industrial installations and high consumption sites.

For our contract energy generation and distribution customers we provide a specific certificate of analysis for each shipment, produced by Alfred H Knight Energy Services.

We can also produce certificates for material prior to shipping where required. Please discuss your technical or compliance requirements with our client team.

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Blackwood specialise in supply and transport logistics to businesses all over the UK who consume significant volumes of pellets - we do not sell direct to consumers or low-volume commercial sites.

Blackwood provide personalised supply and delivery contracts for single sites like power plants or networks of sites like chicken farms or buying groups.

Deliveries can be made in bulk to your storage facilities using walking floor trailers or can be blown into boiler hoppers or storage silos.

Individual delivery schedules and consumption monitoring can be tailored to provide pellets as and when they are required. We optimise scheduling to ensure pellets are most cost-effectively transported and stored, and where required, in line with specific site operation calendars. Subscription contracts are available to ensure customers are always topped up.

For customers with their own transport fleet, or specialist requirements pellets can be collected from our bulk storage facility in Grimsby.

Please note that pellets are supplied in bulk, not bagged, and the minimum delivery is one 27 tonne bulk load, or 24 tonne blown load from our storage facility.

Pellet analysis certificates are included with all purchases.

Please contact Jack Alderson for a custom quotation and personalised logistics proposal.

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