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Blackwood specialise in the compliant destruction and recycling of Lithium Ion batteries

Blackwood have created a robust domestic and internation supply chain capable of handling over 10Tonnes of Lithium batteries per month, including Lithium Thionyl Chloride. Utilising strategic partnerships, we have been Approved Battery Exporters by the environmental agency, and use our shipping and transport partnerships around the world to help optimise cost without compromising risk and regulatory compliance. With Blackwood as a partner, your chain of custody is secure.


Understanding our customers long term requirements enables us to create smart solutions to all Lithium recycling needs. 


Being experienced in the sector and understanding the evolving EU regulations regarding recycling efficiciences means you won't have to worry about any unexpected issues.


We quote end-to-end for the whole project in a clear, understandable form, usually on a. per KG basis, with all costs included. No surprises. No extras.


All jobs are managed end-to-end by Blackwood. Rest assured experts are looking after your cargo's interests throughout its entire journey with Waste Transfer Notices available throughout the recycling journey.


Blackwood work with multiple stakeholders in the Smart Meter Industry to handle 10's of Tonnes of Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries per year. With the chemistry of these specific batteries being particularly nasty, finding solutions at that scale requires a expert supply chain.

Our customers are some of the industry's leading producers and our transport relationships give us unrivalled access to vessels and ports across Europe.

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Blackwood provide logistic and shipping support for the export of Lithium batteries from the UK to Europe, alongside a network of approved treatment operators in the UK.

We offer an end-to-end solution for companies looking to recycle including transport, storage and recycling.



Blackwood have relationships with ship owners, transport companies and ports all over the world. In addition to solving  transportation problems our customers use us to manage their short term waste storage at port as well as longer term options off site.


We are experienced in optimising 'whole of project' costs (including transportation, compliance, material handling and storage management) for long term, multi-year  projects as well as ad-hoc movements. 

We specialise in waste projects where cost or compliance around transportation challenges project viability, and where there are limited options on route viability, transport specification and carrier availability.

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